Saturday, April 14, 2012

President Packer!!

Hey family!
Okay, I have like 12 minutes to write you because I wrote some of the other elders sooo this will probably be the sloppiest letter of the mission so far lol. not ever cause lets be honest...i'm sure i'll run into this situation again :)

Thank you sooo much to everyone who wrote me a letter/dear elder this week: Chrissy, Sister Steed, Richie, mommy (BEST PACKAGE EVER!), daddy (love you!), Sister Elayne Harmer (thank you for the stamps!!), Abby, Elder Vance (Spencer), Madz, Sister Guymon (LOVED everything! you are so cute!), Sister O'neill (APPLE PIE!? hahahaa LOVED IT!) and Ryan Berckmoes! there was one day when i got 7 letters and a package...hahahahah that's when Elder Reid called me "Princess Baeza" because I apparently get everything I want ;) they are just so jealous that i get more stuff then them haha it's great, please keep them coming! I love hearing from everyone!! And I still need addresses from Sarah Reber (totally typed out Peterson at first), Paul, Kris, and KATIE HUME! BEST FRIEND! WRITE ME!!! :(
This week was good and sad. I dominated on four-square last week and won the queen spot (really king but I'm a Hermana so then it's queen). That was fun! All the Elders don't play nice with me anyone haha! Other Elders from other districts even talk about how good i play! It's sooo funny. Love it. I feel like I know a lot of people here! I just try to socialize as much as I can with as many Elders/Hermanas as I can! I met this one Elder, Elder Heder, who is going to ROME! cool huh??
Easter Sunday was wonderful! President Packer, president of the 12 apostles, came and gave us a talk! We had a special sacrament meeting with him and EVERY SINGLE MISSIONARY, SENIOR MISSIONARY, AND BRANCH PRESIDENCY + WIVES were able to partake of the sacrament with President Packer. Ha, whoever the Elder was who handed the sacrament to Elder Packer is one cool Elder!! It was a neat experience that I know I will most likely never experience again. Rarely does President Packer come because he is so old and sick and is in a wheelchair. It was an experience I will never forget. Testimony meeting was so great too! I love my zone!! They are the most solid Elders ever and I just love their strong testimonies. But Sunday we had to say goodbye to our oldest district :( I cried like a baby! I miss them sooo much! but, I'm going to stay in contact with them for sure during our missions!! And some are going back to BYU after so I know I'll see them again.
We got to watch a talk from Elder Holland called "the miracle of the mission." it's cool because every devotional and fireside given one outside of the MTC can ever watch it. It was a talk given back in 2008? It was sooo good! Some good points I got was "make your mission mean everything to you", "Savor and embrace every single moment of your mission", "plan now for the stories that your children will ask you to tell" (<<FAVORITE!), "your mission will/has to be hard because salvation is not a cheap experience".
soooo...the sad news...Elder Lambeth went home :( he was in our district and has been home sick since DAY ONE! I think his mom was sick too and he was worrying about her a lot. It was so hard to see him go...especially since we didn't really get to say goodbye. I cried my eyes out that day and for the next few days. It broke our district. The spirit in our district was gone and we are still trying to recover from it. Our brother literally just left our family and all of our hearts are broken and we constantly pray for him. We hope he comes back because that's what he told our Branch President but, only time will tell. Please pray for him!
Well, I'm technically out of time but the computer took a while to load and used up like 3 minutes so I'm going to just quickly end now and redeem my 3 minutes I should of had :) this is my favorite thing to do. I love being a missionary. Every day is seriously a beautiful day. I can't imagine what else i would be doing with my life right now then this work. I'll think about home and the shows I used to watch and how spring semester is about to start but...none of that feels right. THIS...feels right. being a missionary and a servant of the Lord FEELS right. Learning Spanish and having many struggles with it FEELS right. I love my mission. I love this place. I love my family . I know that I can be with you all for time and all eternity. Have a wonderful week! Doing a random act of kindness for someone! I love you all !
"be patient with yourself. perfection comes not in this life but in the next life. don't demand things that are unreasonable but demand of yourself improvement" - elder russell m. nelson      this quote as helped me so much this week!
"you can make or break your mission by the way you spend your time from 6:30-10:30" - SO TRUE! BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT YOU DO!
"don't let the language win your mtc experience...let something else define your mission"
Hermana Baeza

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