Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jehovah Witnesses knocked on our door... 3/23/2013

Hello everyone :)
Thank you for the letters I received this week!: Grant, Elder Gilray, and Elder Reid. I can't believe my whole MTC district has hit their year mark. They are doing so great and I am so proud of them! Last P-day we went to play football but...the field was muddy so it turned into mud football :) Only Sister Morgan and I could tag each other out but haha I full on took her out on one hit and she hit the ground hard! Haha! It wasn't out of frustration or anything...I just get really competitive ;) Mind you I was also MVP and scored more then 4 touch downs. Towards the end, the Elders would try to tag me and before they got too close, one of the elders on my team would tackle them and I would manage to get away haha! Silly elders. There was one day in particular that things went wrong/I got scared in a matter of 5 minutes. When I had parked the car, my natural reaction is to roll up the back window but because I had parked right next to a tree, Sister Morgan just sat in the back for the prayer. Well, when she was getting into the car she was holding on to the door and had her hand through the window....yup...I rolled the window up on her fingers! Surprisingly she didn't scream but haha I felt so bad! Then as we were walking I saw a huge, dead cockroach but, because this is me we're talking about, I had a late reaction. So a couple of steps after walking by it I freak out! We walked back to see if it was dead and lol it was. Then, we walked by this fence with these two huge dogs and when I saw them, I just freaked out again! Sister Morgan had a good moment with it all but haha I was strugglin'. Oh yeah and I about asked the stupidest question to President Baker over the phone. Sister Snyder and Sister Morgan thought it would be okay to run with our neighbors dog (whose a member) in the morning when we exercise. I told them that we probably aren't allowed to because we don't want others to think that missionaries are pet sitters. They just look at me confused and INSISTED that it would be okay. I mean, I know that I like to be as exactly obedient as I can but come on...this is like common sense people. So I had to call President that night anyways to get permission to go to Ernie's baptism (YEAH!) and then at the end of the phone I said, "Oh yeah...and I have one more question...are we allowed to run with our neighbors dog in the morning when we exercise?" And he said, "absolutely not!"...I then told him I was sorry about asking him that stupid question when I knew he was sick on the other end haha! Yes...I wasn't being Christlike in the moment wanting to just prove them right but....well, I was right haha!

Yesterday was one of the happiest days on my mission! We were asked to teach a group of 15 year olds for Sunday school and it was a blast! We walk in and there were only 3 students in the classroom. I asked if they were the only ones in the class and one of them said how there's more but they usually skip Sunday school and just walk around. Sister Morgan was then about the start the lesson but then I butted (sp?) in and said, "Hey! Do you know where they are? Will you point them out to us so we can bring them to class?" It helped that we had some extra cookies in our apartment so we knew it would help bribe them to Sunday school. We eventually found the other boys and once they saw the cookies, they came to class. We went from having 3 students to having 12! It was so awesome! Our lesson was about the atonement and we did the "push-ups" analogy. Ivan said he was the strongest in the class and so he volunteered himself to be our helper. When he was coming up, we told him that for every person who takes a cookie, he was to do 5 push-ups. At first he said it was easy but then one by one, kids starting walking into class and he didn't realize how many push-ups he had to do for all that ended up showing up. We went through everyone and then said how we were going to go through the line again and that for every person that wanted a cookie, he would have to do 10 push-ups for each one. He wanted to give up and toss in the towel but we reminded him how he volunteered himself and that he needed to do it. He got to the end and had done over 100 push-ups! We then told him how if there was someone who didn't want to take the cookie, that he still would of had to do push-ups. We taught that Jesus Christ volunteered himself to come to earth to atone for the sins for ALL mankind. That sadly, there are people in this life who don't even know Jesus Christ but that still, Jesus Christ died for them. They really got into the lesson and at the end we did a kneeling prayer. One of the boys gave it and said how grateful he was for the wonderful lesson and prayed that they would remember this lesson forever. It was so cool!

Then...ERNIE GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! NIOFSDYHGAUILDH GLUISH GUKZSFHAGAUILS!!!! I STILL CAN'T GET OVER IT! Oh man, happiest day of my mission most definitely! I've gone through a lot with Ernie. He has made me happy, sad, frustrated, laugh, cry, he's been mean to me, he's helped me become a better person and he has taught me how to do inspired cut offs haha! I have gone through SO much with Ernie in the 6 months that I taught him. It honestly never felt real until I saw him walk into the baptismal fount, all dressed up in white. I cried when I saw him because I was so, so happy. I love Ernie so much! I can't wait to come back and go through the temple with him. He has changed my life forever and has been a huge part of my mission experience. He investigated the church for almost 2 years and now, he's finally a member. He has fully accepted Jesus Christ into his life and is ready to make changes. He literally looked like a new man when I saw him! He's great!

We participated/helped set up for a Relief Society activity on Saturday. It was all about geneology work and we had three sisters talk about their heritage. It again got me pumped to do my family history work and to actually keep an account of my life. I want people to remember me haha! I want them to know about my life and my adventures. I have so much to do when I get home (which is never...) for my future generations to come. I want to invite all of you to set goals on working on your family history work. Even if you have it all done, go to indexing or help in the family history lab! There are sooo many options and just as much as we need help in the work here on earth, we need to help those who are also on the other side of the veil. I love this work. I love you all!! Have a great week!

Sister Baeza
1. i was scared he was going to get mud on me...
2. Lourie Lyles, Ernie, me and Jacque (the one who has short term memory and hits on me all the time...hahahahahaha)
3. Sister Merciales, Sister Set, Ernie and Me! My two companions that I taught Ernie with!!! :)

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