Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013 "Happy Birthday and Father's Day!"

Haha oh man, I can't stop smiling. Life is SO good! :)
Thanks for the billion of emails you sent me mommy haha loved seeing all of the grad pictures of Chris. I CANNOT believe that he graduated from high school...what the heck! And Holly! She's so grown up, her and all of the other girls! Sister Mellor and I were reminising on Girl's Camp days and haha I feel like that was all just yesterday. Now you are all graduated! Life goes by too fast. Thank you Hermana Marroquin for the letter I got this past week! Can I just take a second and brag about how I STILL keep in contact with my MTC companion? She is so awesome and is having so much success in her mission! It has been a blast to be able to keep in contact with her, I love that sister to death!
This week with exchanges were so much fun! I got to be with Sister Morgan again for a day! The second we got in the car, she gave me the low down of what went down in our area after I had left. Ahh I love her so much. I wish I had more then one transfer with her but, I knew I needed to leave. It was inevitable. She is doing great though. She reminded me the importance of not worrying if I don't get to train on my mission lol. She told me that maybe one of the many reasons that God called me to be a sister training leader was because I haven't trained yet! A lot of the younger sisters have this "expectation" of training on their third transfer because it's a common thing to happen now that we have a lot of sisters coming in the field. However, she said that other sisters can look at me and see how "amazing" I am and I have still yet to train! It made me feel better, not that I've been so down on the idea of never training on my mission'll creep into the back of my mind at times. Then I went to a ASL (american sign language) area with Sister Schiel! It was sooooo cool and I had no idea what was going on haha. Like, who would of though contacting people at their home would be so hard? I mean, they can't even hear you knock on the door! That never crossed my mind until I was out in action working in ASL that I realized how hard it is for them. It's amazing to think how different everyone's mission is. Then I got to go with a Sister that came out with me, Sister Lagos. She's one of those sisters that comes off as very intimidating lol so I made sure to buy her some chocolate last Monday so I could be on her good side :) But really, I got nervous for no reason because she is so great.
I don't know if I took the time to talk about the Hernandez family (Carmen, Cynthia and Jose) but...I LOVE them SO MUCH! I think I mentioned about Carmen a few times but she was a referral from the English elders because they tracted into her door. She normally doesn't open the door to people she doesn't know but when they tried speaking to her in their very broken spanish, she just felt so calm and gave them her information to have Spanish speaking missionaries to stop by. From day one she was amazing. Our member present (whose her neighbor!) invited her to church the first lesson, and she came! We then set a baptismal date by the next lesson! Her and her daughter are getting baptized on June 30th. Jose turns 8 in December so I will for sure be coming home for his baptism! Her children are SO DANG CUTE! They treat us like princesses haha! Jose is a heart breaker and just does the cutest things for us. He'll bring us snacks during lessons, place pillows on the ground so we can kneel on them, prays for US specifically that we'll be safe...he has my heart. Cynthia told us last night how Jose "FINALLY" knows how to say the prayer in the right way haha so he did it last night to show us that he knows how to pray :) I love them so so so much! They are the family that I've been wanting to teach my whole mission! And Carmen, Carmen!! She's amazing. Her husband died (well, he kind of disappeared so they assume her was murdered :( ) and they were never married (so technically her boyfriend) so they can't be sealed BUT, she's dating some guy in northen california so we are going to try and see if we can get missionaries to him so that they can get married! Today we are teaching her the law of chastity and haha when we handed her the pamphlet last week, she knew EXACTLY what is was lol. She knows that she has to make changes because she knows that the church is true. We were able to go to the VC with them on Saturday and it was a miracle! It is sooo hard to find people to take our investigators to the VC because lets be honest, it's like a 45 minutes drive - not fun. BUT! After praying all night and day for it...we found them rides! So we went with Carmen and her family, Nicole (our recent convert) and her family, and the Rico family (Carmen's neighbor!)! We had a blast. Cynthia and Jose played with the book of mormon wall and they got to "choose" where they will be serving their missions one day. They can't wait to be missionaries one day! I love being a missionary.
I hope you all were able to have a great week! Continue to do the little things: read your scriptures, pray every morning and night, attend all 3 hours of church (yes....all three), attend the temple, visit and to expand on your knowledge of the gospel, and always keep your eyes and your heart open to find those who are literally PREPARED just like Carmen and her family. People like her are literally all around you, and they are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it...and you have it! So go find them! Have confidence in the Lord that he will help you to know what to say! I know and promise you that you will feel an indescribable joy as you are doing the Lord's work. It truly is the best feeling in the world. I love you all so much, thank you for always supporting me in every aspect of my missionary service. Til next week!!
Hermana Baeza
1591 E Temple Way
Los Angeles Ca 90024 or
P.S.- mom! where in Nayarit are you from? One of my investigators was born there!
P.P.S. - my next pday is on Wednesday because we are going to the temple!!!!!! :)
P.P.P.S. - have we figured out exactly how I'm getting to school? if not...lets figure out a plan haha love you!
1. cynthia and jose. i LOVE them.
2. all of us at the VC!

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