Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1st. 2013 "naked babies, two baptisms and rumor that i'm getting married...life is great!"15

hahahahahahahahaha oh man....i love getting emails on Monday!
For the record, I am not getting married. I was just joking and thought I was being really funny by pretending like I was planning my own!...yeah, apparently not. This little girl won't even consider it until her brother comes back from his mission so...no one needs to worry about anything :) hahaha oh man, i still got the giggles in me haha!
Thank you Scott (aka abby!!) for my letter I got! I can't believe your sister is going on a mission to JAPAN! So cool! Keep writing me letters because I get so distracted during email time. Keep being happy abby! :)
Well, I don't have much to report back on since I just emailed you on Wednesday so, here's a list:
1. Sister Mellor was sooo funny this week! She struggled speaking english haha she just kept mixing up her words, using gang slang, sooo funny. Yesterday she said, "let's find a song and sing something about Chris...I mean Christ." haha! Okay, that probably didn't make any of you laugh but I lost it when she said that. She also burned her forehead with her curling iron WAY BAD just hours before the baptism! So funny. I know, shouldn't be funny but she's just been strugglin all week so I couldn't help but laugh when I saw her with a frozen chicken slice on her forehead.
2. I don't know why but every single day we have seen a butt naked baby! haha! it's just been the theme of the week! i'm telling you...this week I just had the giggles every single day haha
3. NO MORE TRACTING! That's right. With the worldwide annoucement, our zone and a few other zone leaders got together to come up with a Zone Goal for July that only we will do together to promote the broadcast and actually apply it into our areas. We are going to be the guinnea pigs (sp? blame sister mellor if it's wrong.) for it and present it to President Weidman tomorrow. I hope he likes it. It was a cool meeting and we were the only sister training leaders there since the other two are in other zones that didn't attend/aren't a part of this little project. As lame as this sounds, I feel like I'm finally "accepted" with the Elders in the mission leadership. I feel like because we're sisters, some Elders look at us as...dumb? I don't know, dumb isn't the best word but they jutst don't see our potential. But during the meeting I had all of these ideas and they were agreeing to them and writing it all down. I feel like I've finally been accepted :) I've always gotten along with the Elders but...it's different with being in leadership. It shouldn't be but, lets be honest, we are the first sisters that these elders have ever had to work with so...it was bound to happen.
4. Yesterday was great! I gave my talk and let me just say - the gift of tongues is TRUE! It felt so natural to be up there speaking in Spanish. I loved it! The members came up to me and were so impressed! Usually Sister Mellor does most of the talking because she's way better so the members were shock that I could kind of speak spanish haha. The baptism for Carmen and Cynthia was so beautiful! When Carmen came out of the water, we gave her her towel and asked her how she felt. She told us she felt good and then put her face into her towel. She just started to cry and then looking at us with tears said, "thank you." That right there is what I love about my mission! Seeing peoples lives literally change! Right before the baptism, she asked Hermana Rico (her neighbor and fellowshipper) if people can back out of a baptism. She was really stressed because she doesn't have family support but Hermana Rico, a convert of only 2 years, was able to comfort her and to tell her that it'll all work out. She was able to do something that WE couldn't do. When we got to the baptism, she had 10 people from her family there with their children! It was so a tender mercy and a confirmation to her that she was doing the right thing.
Hermana Rico played a huge role in Carmen actually going through with her baptism. That is exactly why members are so important. Sometimes, they'll open up to YOU more then they will to US! You members are sooo important! We need you more then ever. Please, please go up to your missionaries and tell them when you have time to go out with them. Just give an hour of your time, even if it's just once a week! That is all we need in order to have our investigators have friends in church. Think about it, when you take your child to their VERY first day of school, whether it be pre-school or kindergarten, are you just going to drop them off and say bye? I hope not! What I think you would do (I'm clearly not a parent but I know this is what my parents would of done) is walk them into class and find their teacher. Introduce them to their teacher so that they can build a relationship. Then, you leave and come back to get them later.
In this example the parent is the missionary, the child is the investigator and the teacher is the member. The parent wants to find the child's teacher so that they can feel like they know someone but that won't happen if the parent can't seem to find the teacher! By the members telling the missionaries that they are willing to help, it'll make it easier for us to find you so that our investigators can too feel like they know someone at church. I hope that made sense? I just thought of it right now.
I love this work! It's crazy to think that next pday I'll know where I'll be serving in my last transfer. WEIRD! But I am pumped. I'm stoked to work hard this week and to start setting goals for what I want to achieve in my last transfer. I love you all sooo much! Have a wonderful week!!!!
Hermana Baeza
 1591 E Temple Way
Los angeles, Ca 90024

1. carmen y cynthia!!!  
2. the two most perfect girls ever! the one to my left with headband and necklace  got baptized! i'd be the luckiest mom ever to have perfect daughters like them haha but seriously, they are perfect.

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Emilio Ortega said...

Hola Hermana Baeza!! How u been?!! I'm so glad to read you're speak a lot of more Spanish and you're doing and amazing job, I hope see u soon. A this is Emilio by the way ;~P

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