Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sister Missionaries in P3!! Hermana Baeza

Hello everyone! :)

Thank you Grant for the letter I got last week! I loved it. OKAY! I saw so many people this week too: Rogelio (he was someone I found on my first exchange with the Venice sisters and he was my answer to my prayer! He ended up being baptized 3-4 weeks later and he thanked me for finding him that one day on the street!), Sister Davis (my guapa!! she came back to do a fireside), Sister Thompson (my "grandma" on the mission! and she's getting married in a few weeks, crazy!) and Sister Lindo (well, Jessica Lindo, she was my mini missionary when I was companions with Sister Set, I love her!). I also got little notes from the Hogan family, the Bishop family, and the Bean family! I don't find it a coincidence that I only saw people from the mission but didn't see people from home :) thank you for my little notes though, I loved them!
oh yeah...next week is my half birthday...just throwing that out there for everyone... ;)
This week was great! We had interviews with President Weidman and haha my interview was at least a solid 30 minutes. I kept apologizing for taking up so much time but he kept telling me, "Sister Baeza, for you we can take as much time as you want." President Weidman is so awesome! He gave me great advice on how to transition home and how to help our area grow. We also got to meet with Sister Weidman!! The first thing she says to me was, "Sister Baeza, now you know that we don't HAVE to talk about missionary work in this interview" so I took advantage of that and just asked her a few tips on what to do with my life when I get back. She too is so sweet. She's still learning how to be a missionary but she truly is so inspired! She was an answer to one of my prayers that day.
There are still daily miracles and tender mercies in the VC. There was a guy that Sister Merciales and I gave a tour to almost a year ago and apparently he was rude to us lol I have no recollection of it. Well, he came in a week or so ago and said that he wanted to learn more about the church again and now he is taking lessons from the sisters in the LA YSA ward!!! When I saw him last week, he looked SO familiar but I didn't know how or why. Turned out that when we made that eye contact, he had told his missionaries that I was the other sister that gave him a tour that one day he visited. So he remembered me too! It's amazing how the Lord has a time and a place for everyone to receive the restored gospel.

Yesterday I had to give a tour by myself because there were so many people wanting schedule tours! I was so nervous because I still feel a bit inadequate here in the VC because there is new media and what not and I just haven't had the time to check everything out. Her family has been baptized but she's the only one that still haven't made the decision to be baptized. She's 17 and super cool. I was able to relate to her a lot because I was 17 ish when I got baptized. After the tour was done, I asked the other sister (who was from another mission) what I could of done to improve and she really didn't have anything for me. I then felt good because I assumed that meant that I did a pretty good job! Later I had a few minutes to evaluate the tour by myself and to think of something that I could of done better to improve. Things started to come to my mind but then I was reminded of myself at the beginning of my mission. Then, I loved to give tours by myself because I thought it was less awkward and I felt like I did a better job. Now, I don't like taking tours on my own because I have learned, throughout my mission, the power that comes when the truth is proclaimed two by two; when you have a companion with you testifying of the same things. Back then, I didn't understand that and I'm grateful that I've finally learned that now.
We met with a member the other day and she was telling us about a train accident in Spain. She told us how there was a boy who was interviewed and he was wearing black slacks and a short sleeve white shirt. He had bandages all over his head and just looked like he was in pain. He was talking about his experience being in the train and while he was talking, she had this distinct feeling that he was a missionary. Sure, the outfit may of given it away but he wasn't wearing a badge in the interview. After doing some research she found out that the boy was indeed a missionary who was heading over to his mission. But the way she talked about him made me want to be better. She said that by his countenance and the way he talked, she just knew he was not only a Moromon but a missionary. It made me do some self reflecting and it made me ask myself, "Sister Baeza, do people see you and know you are a missionary?" I hope so. But I know that I can do better. That's one of my goals for this week is to have the bright shining countenance of a missionary!
I love this work sooooo much! It's the best! I'm stoked that we have sisters in our ward now because I can go out with them when I get home and still have that missionary fire! I know that God is so mindful of our everyday lives because He loves us so much and wants only the best for s. I know that when we are ready to come to Him, he is ready to come to us. I know that if we are TRULY converted to the gospel...missionary work should be natural for us to do. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all so much!
Sister Baeza
1. kendal was the other sisters baptism and she got baptize yesterday!! she will be transitioned to us in a few weeks since she lives in our area.
2. some of sister merciales past companions!

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