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8/15/2013 Hermana Baeza, 2nd to last email and HOLD YOUR MAIL PRETTY PLEASE FOR SISTER BAEZA

FAMILY!!!!!!! and friends :)
Thank you so much for the letters/packages I got this week: Sister Florian, Grant (thanks for the package!!! :) ), Elder Gilray and mommy :) I loved them! However, this Thursday is the last day for me to receive letters (and then to just pick up what's left next tuesday) so please don't send anymore! xoxoxo Thank you sooooo much for everyone who has supported me and have written me letters throughout my entire mission. You have no idea how that has helped me. Now, write to my brother whose still on his mission! I know he needs those letters as well :)
People I saw: Emilio!!! Haha I love seeing him. I've been so spoiled in seeing him almost every week of this transfer. Mom, I gave him your cell number and he's texted you...I even saw him text you so you better of written back to him! I told him what you said when you typed in his name in FB hahaha so hopefully you two have talked now. I got to see Carmen, Cynthia and Jose again!! They were my last baptism and her son Chris got baptized YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were at the VC Tuesday night and I asked why they were there and Chris said it was because he was getting baptized. I about freaked out!!! Ohhh I am just soo happy for them. I know Carmen was so, so happy that he decided to get baptized. It was fun because Sister Mellor and her companion were busy getting things ready for the interview and I saw Carmen by herself in the I'm a Mormon room. I walked in and sat close to her on the couch and just rested my head on her shoulder. We just talked and she told me how excited she was for his baptism. I love her so much! I can't wait for her children to go on missions one day. I also met this guy named Bryce DeFigueiredo! He was one of my "tutors" in the MTC! His brother just came home from his mission the day before and they made a trip to the VC! It was such a great tour. He texted my two MTC teachers and wrote them what they wanted to say to me. It was so fun to hear from them!! Lastly, I met the great grandson of Elder David O. Mckay!! There is a ring that he would always wear and all the boys in the family have it and I got to put it on! So cool.
We got a brand new sister to the VC this week! She came early because there are just so many missionaries at the MTC. To be honest, I still don't know her name because it's hard to pronounce lol but she's from some islands and is learning English. She is the only convert in her family and her parents don't know that she is serving a mission!!!!! How crazy is that! They think she is living with her aunt who is super supportive of her for her decision to join the church and to serve a mission. She shared her testimony on Thursday and it really made me realize how much people are willing to sacrifice for the gospel when they are truly converted. I mean, I feel like I sacrificed a lot leaving a family back home who weren't fully active in the church but...when I look at her, it makes me gain a greater understanding of how aware Heavenly Father is of us and how grateful He is for every single sacrifice we make for him.
This week was pretty hard because we literally had NO time in our area. We basically worked every single night and with the very minimal time we had, our numbers didn't show our efforts. I tried so hard to stay positive because I knew that my companion was pretty bummed about it. At church yesterday...guess who walks in? THE GONZALEZ FAMILY! They are a family that we are working with who have been struggling with their testimonies of the church. They haven't gone in months and they actually cancelled on our lesson earlier in the week. They don't have a phone so they had to use some random phone to call us to cancel. So there was no way of us reminding them to go to church. That night in my prayers, I prayed that they would come. I'll be honest, lately I've been horrible in my prayers with focusing on the people we're teaching and just well...staying awake but I prayed for them that night. And they came! Seeing that at church MADE MY WEEK! I was filled with PURE joy when I saw them and they stayed for all three hours. This has been a tough area but I know that when we are staying positive and we are fulfilling our purpose, God WILL make up the difference and He did yesterday.

COOL STORY! So last transfer I went on exchanges with Sister Foster in The Banks. I think that was the first exchange of that new transfer and it was also the last day of the month. They literally only had about...maybe 6-8 miles left to use. So, we walked And it was incredibly hot! However, I chose to be positive and we just talked to EVERYONE on the streets! We had a blast. Well, there was an appointment that we were trying to go to and the girl ended up saying that we couldn't come in a teach her and closed the door on us. Sister Foster was super bummed because that was our only solid lesson for the day. As we were walking away, I saw this cute little girl. Now, let me remind you that I DO NOT talk to children on the street. I don't know why but I just get so nervous to talk to children in fear of their parents thinking they are talking to strangers (well...they basically are lol) and getting mad at us. But, I saw this little girl and as we were walking away from her I turned around and asked her if there was anyone she knew that we could share a message about Jesus Christ with. She then points across the street and says that her friend lives there and wants to learn who Jesus Christ is. We went over and made a return appt with the girls mom and that was it. Well, this week, Sister Foster and her companion came into the VC to find me. She asked me if I remember the little girl that I talked to when we were on exchanges. Obviously I did and she told me that the referral she gave us, well, nothing came out of it BUT....the little girl and her family now have BAPTISM DATES!!! She said how when they were back in that neighborhood she saw the little girl again and asked her if they could come to her home to watch a movie with her family. Because the little girl recognized her, she brought them to her home. They watched the Restoration movie, had another lesson following that and were later brought to the VC where everything just clicked for them. They are a family of five and they all have baptismal dates :)
Brothers and Sisters, I love my mission. I have learned so much throughout these 18 months. The person I was when I started was great! She had a testimony, she loved her Father in Heaven, she worked hard on being an example and she felt ready of what was to come. I can confidently say that now, that same girl, she has an absolute solid testimony of this restored gospel. She knows without a doubt that her Father in Heaven knows her. She has been able to create a real relationship with Jesus Christ which was something she didn't have before. She has been pushed and tried in many ways but has remained in being an example, especially when she held responsibility of the welfare of 26 plus sisters in the mission. She has strengthened her knowledge of the Book of Mormon but knows there is still so much she needs to learn of it. She has learned how to pray with real intent and with a sincere heart and is still working on improving it :) She has a greater love for her family and the significance of what an eternal family means. But most importantly...she knows the big "why" of obedience. She knows that if she wants to receive blessings in her life after her mission, she needs to be obedient. It is only when we are obedient that we can know for a surety that if we had to meet God, face to face tomorrow, that we won't stand in fear. This girl now knows not only what the gospel of Jesus Christ is, but how to live it.
It's weird. I don't feel ready by all means to go home but I feel prepared. I'm not done with missionary work - no way! I know that meeting President Cooper to be released will only be for me being released as a "set apart" missionary. I'm not by all means going to be released as a full-time missionary because that's my title for the rest of my life. I think that's why I feel prepared because I'm not looking at this last week as "oh...this will be the last lessons I'll ever teach" because I know that I will be going out to lessons with missionaries in my future wards. I know that I will be striking up a conversation about the gospel to people while I'm waiting in line at the groceries. I know that I will still be doing the same things that I've been doing for these past 18 months just in a different way. I feel prepared to put to practice everything that I have learned on my mission. I'm ready to show my Heavenly Father what I have learned from this experience. Oh man, I love my mission. But I'll never say I miss being a missionary because I'll never stop. I love you all so much. Jesus is the Christ. Our Heavenly Father loves us. There is a plan for each one of you. Just trust Him and He will show the way.
Sister Baeza
1. i'm going to my miss my compa
2. cynthia, jose (haha), carmen and her son chris!!!! :)

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