Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Little Tip From Me.

One thing that has helped me in getting rid of my nerves (don't worry...I am STILL nervous haha) is taking advantage of the sister missionaries in my stake. Pleasanton usually never has sister missionaries (from what I've seen) and so when I saw them at the Bell/Choir performance, I immediately went up to the sisters and told them that I wanted to go out and teach with them! I actually started doing this my very first semester at BYUI. My mission prep teacher knew I wanted to go on a mission and had the Rexburg sister missionaries number and told me to contact them. I went with them once that semester and taught a recent convert. I can't remember what we taught as a whole but I remember the feeling I had when I was there. I think that might of been the moment when I realized that this was something I potentially wanted to do when I turned 21 - serve a mission. Since then, I've gone out with different sister missionaries! It's a great way to actually be a part of the action rather then just read about how to teach investigators. I actually taught my first two investigators last Friday night!! Before that night, everyone I've taught had been members so this was a whole new experience for me. I think I did okay but it was definitely a wake up call on what I needed to work on to be better. But, nonetheless, a great experience. So my tip would be to go out with the missionaries in your ward to get real practice!! I'm not going to be a "better missionary" because I've gone out and taught before but I know that my confidence will be a little bit stronger and the nerves won't be as bad when it's actually my turn to teach an investigator with my badge on. Okay...I really cannot WAIT to just go out and TEACH! 6ish more weeks!!


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