Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 Month.

Yup! I have exactly ONE MONTH until I report to the MTC and I couldn't be more excited/nervous!! I decided last night that I am going to start going to bed at 10:30pm and waking up at 6:30am every day until I leave and have to do it for reals! I know, killer, but I know my body and if I don't start getting into the swing of things now...it's going to be one very rude awakening come MTC time haha.

So, here I am, with just 4 weeks left of "real life" before I go into missionary mode. No more music, no more dancing, no more sleeping in, no more staying up, no more facebook and a lot more of "no more's" but...it's all WORTH it! Because I am about to venture out and serve the Lord whole heartedly for 18 months! Never again will I have the opportunity or the time to completely devote myself to the Lord and His work. I got to talk to one of the Temple President's counselors today at the Oakland temple and he told me, "It doesn't matter how many people you baptize...don't keep count of that. It matters how strongly and how powerfully you bear your testimony of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel on the earth every single day to every single person you meet. If you can go to bed every night, knowing that you gave it your all and your bore strong testimony...then you fulfilled your mission that day. Baptism is important, but it's getting them to the temple that's even more important."

You guys, I am REALLY excited to finally go out and to do His work. I cannot wait for the experiences and the people I'm going to meet. I just hope they are ready to meet me and that I too start preparing myself to meet them. I won't be in LA till May but...I can't wait for the incredible amount of learning to begin! And yes, I totally broke my rule of going to bed by 10:30pm. At least I did it yesterday when I didn't even have to yet so tonight is a freebie?? ;)


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