Thursday, February 16, 2012

An Introduction to The Book of Mormon

This Mormon Message briefly explains an Introduction of The Book of Mormon by Elder Jeffery R. Holland, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. He reminds us if we read The Book of Mormon and pray to Heavenly Father to ask if it is true that, "those who pursue this course, and ask in faith, will gain a testimony of its truth and divinity by the power of the Holy Ghost."

On August 6, 2007 I purchased my first set of scriptures that contained the Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. My parents wouldn't buy me them so I saved enough money to buy my own set when I went to EFY for the first time that summer. I remember I was SO excited to finally have my own scriptures! I finally got to have my own, call them my own, write in them, highlight in them, etc. On August 6, 2007 I wrote myself a little note. I've only shared it to a few people because it is precious and personal to me but I feel comfortable in sharing it to everyone:

"Dear Olivia,
On August 6, 2007 I purchased this book. This is the one thing I've wanted for a long time. I know that this book is true and that the scriptures I read are true events that have happened. I hope that when I read this, I feel the Holy Ghost telling me that it is true. I love this church so much and I hope that by reading this I can learn how much my Heavenly Father loves me as well. I hope that by reading this, it can guide me in the right direction and remind me that I always have my Heavenly Father to pray to. And when I look back at this from now, until I have converted and when I'm a mother, I can look back at my journey and se and remember all the things I went through. I love you Olivia. 

Love, Liv"

That night, I made the goal to read my scriptures every single night for the rest of my life. I can honestly count on one hand that I didn't read my scriptures at night. Sometimes it's a verse, a chapter, or a few pages but I always made sure (and still do) I opened up my scriptures and read something. I also made a goal that summer to finish reading The Book of Mormon on August 6, 2008. I was really excited for the day to get to Moroni10:4 and to actually kneel down in prayer and ask Heavenly Father if these things are true. On August 6, 2008 I finished reading The Book of Mormon. I knelt down in prayer and asked my Heavenly Father if The Book of Mormon was true. The earth didn't shake, an angel didn't appear, and I didn't have an outer-body experience...I felt the Spirit. What I learned that night was that I had always known it was true. I didn't need a sign in order to know it was true. Faith is believing in something you can't see. We must not ever forget that. 

I know with all of my heart that The Book of Mormon is true. I know it is true because I have read it for myself. Give it a try! Read it before you claim it's not true. Just like if someone tells you that green apples are more on the sour side then red apples. You can choose to believe it because you analyze it and figure yeah...they are two different colors so maybe the green one is sour but in order to know for YOURSELF you have to TRY IT! Then you are able to know for a surety without relying on the opinions of others. The Book of Mormon is the only true and correct book on the earth today and has changed my life for the best and I know that it can do the same for you.


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