Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finding Incredible

I was looking on this morning and found this really good video. I guess you can say it's a Mormon Message but it's on the Church News and Events page. It's a story about a man named Daniel Hedlend having stage-four cancer and how he was able to overcome it having faith in Christ that whatever happens was meant to happen. One of the things that was said by Daniel to his wife (Melanie Hedlund) was, "Sometimes tests are not about passing or failing. Heavenly Father is not sitting up there with a checklist and pen while we are enduring a trial." I loved that! He makes that comment in relation to the trial and to the reason why he has cancer and what they can both learn from it. It was a very inspiring video and was the perfect way to start my morning! This week I have definitely been spoiled with countless amounts of spiritual moments and spiritual highs and I couldn't be more grateful! I report to the MTC in...24 days?? Crazy soon!

If you want to check out the video, click here.


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