Saturday, February 4, 2012


Okay, I think I'm ready to make this blog public to everyone now! Since I'm not out on the field yet and I stayed up til 3am one night creating this blog...I figured I might as well make some good use out of it before I leave and mama takes over it! So, what I have planned to post about before I leave are talks, mormon messages, my thoughts, etc. I'm so grateful for the kind words everyone has been giving me on how I'm going to "kick butt" and "run the mtc" and "be absolutely amazing" and etc...but, haha those aren't the thoughts that run through my mind when I think about my mission. The thoughts that are currently running through my mind are: fear, nervous, excitement, worried, little doubts, anticipated, lost, happy! I'm pretty much an emotional basket case right now and oddly enough, I want to write about it. I want people to know that yes, I may always have a smile on when I talk about my mission but behind that smile are lots of nerves and that it's all totally normal :) I want to be relatable to others who are trying to figure out whether or not they should serve a mission. I guess I just want to be an example. So hopefully you continue to follow my journey and enjoy all the posts! I really truly am so grateful and excited for the chance I have to serve the Lord for 18 months and I can't wait to meet the people of LA! I can't wait to share my testimony to them every single day. I can't wait to share the gospel and help change lives. I can't wait to be completely 100% dedicated to the Lord. I just can't wait to be a missionary :)


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