Saturday, April 28, 2012

First New Friday "P" Day for Hermana Baeza!

Hey family!!
So, it's funny. When you are at the MTC you lose track of time. You forget what day of the week it is, you forgot that you just ate lunch about an hour ago, just little things like that. The other night we were talking about the movie Fish Tales and Elder Peterson said, "Oh yeah! I saw that like, 2 weeks ago!...oh wait...2 weeks ago I was still in the MTC." It made us all laugh because we can't really use the phrase "oh yeah, that happened to me like, 3 weeks ago" or anything that pertains to that because it will never ever be even close to being accurate. Thank you all for the letters I got: Sherilyn (I got yours like, 3 days after you sent it...soo weird!), Suz (MISS YOU POOP! :) and thanks for those cupcakes a few weeks ago!) Sister Woodwell (LOVED the package!), Mommy, Elder Vance ( package ever!!), The Hair family (I promise to write you back!), April Sorensen (haha nice to meet you! :) ), Abby (loved the Easter package and all the letters! LOVE YOU!), Emily (LOVED your wedding announcement! ahhh cannot believe you are getting married! so fun!!), Madz (picture coming soon!) Richie, and Christina! Letters seriously make my week so thank you so much for all taking the time to write me! Oh and mommy, I leave may 23rd, I don't need any more food (besides those goldfish I already asked about) and that is so cool how you are raising money for that foundation! GO MOMMY!!!
Well, I haven't had a P-day since LAST Tuesday...we got a completely new schedule so our next P-day wasn't until Friday. I cannot WAIT to go to the temple today...I am ready to be spiritually fed! I miss the temple!
Well, last Sunday we had Sister Gibb from the YW Presidency (also known as President Monson's only daughter) come and give the talk during Relief Society. It was so amazing to here her talk about her father and how she KNOWS he is a Prophet of God. He gave her some advice to give to us sisters at the MTC. Here are just a few:
* Look to righteous examples
* You have to work in order to have your wishes fulfilled
* Focus on being obedient and doing the work and you will receive blessings
* Learn from your mistakes and go forward with faith
* When you receive a prompting, ACT upon it!
* Sure, you may get discouraged but forget yourself and get back to work
* If you want to give the light to others, you got to glow in yourself!
* Be careful what spirit you are listening to (ponder...think about that one!)
We were spoiled and had ELDER NELSON come to the Tuesday devotional! We knew it was going to be an apostle because they were letting the branch presidencies and their wives join in and sit with us in the gym to listen to the devotional (they usually watch it from another room) it was absolutely amazing! He spoke solely on simple doctrine but gave his own thoughts about it as well. Him and his wife spoke and here is a little of what I got from them both:
* Look into the Savior and you'll never have a reason to doubt
* Don't try to repent alone
* Every previous dispensation have been limited in time and location
* God wants to make good on his promises
* Prophets are taught by the process of revelation
* Heavenly Father yearns for our homecoming
* Don't ever think you are doing your friend a favor by not teaching them about tithing
* We are commanded to bear testimony
* Pure testimony is undeniable, it's powerful
This week I have been able to be slapped in the face with humility haha! You know me...veryyyyy independent person. I like to do everything myself and I hate asking people for help. Well, I'm getting to the point where I have like, 3 weeks left here lol and I HAVE to work harder on my Spanish. So, I signed up for a ZRT which is like a tutor and I've been getting help. It has humbled me because it has reminded me that I can't do this work alone. We are to serve by two for a REASON! My Spanish is progressing and yesterday I randomly felt prompted to share that one chapter in the bible about Christ being baptized, God speaking to him on how pleased he was and then the Holy Ghost descending as a dove....that chapter practically proves the point that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are ALL three separate beings! They are not ALL ONE! Anyways...I was able to get the words to explain it to them and that was solely on the spirit because I did not prepare myself to teach that. Read D&C130, the last verses I think and they discuss about how they are all three separate. Pretty cool!
I know this work is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that he is my Savior and he died for my sins and the sins of the WORLD! You can't help but love the atonement. I love being a missionary because all I do 24/7 is teach truth and that's all people want to know. Going on a mission is always the way to go! We have the answers for people's salvation! That's a BIG deal! It's been hard to not be hard on myself with Spanish but just like my teacher said, "true conversion comes when the spirit touches the soul, not the Spanish." I love being here and I love learning more of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am grateful for Adam and Eve. The event that occurred with Adam and Eve isn't just a story in a children's book, IT REALLY HAPPENED! I just love this Gospel and I feel so blessed to learn more about it every day. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Hermana Baeza

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