Saturday, May 19, 2012

LA here I Come !!!!!


Hello Family and Friends!!
I can't believe this is the last time I get to email you from the MTC! Crazy! I am so pumped to leave haha as much as I do love the MTC :) Thank you for those who wrote me this week: Daddy, Mommy, Chrissy, Madz (Bahahaha I loved my new last name ;) sooooo funny!) Elder Paul, Bladen, Sarah, Hillary, and Richie! It was so nice to hear from you all and how home life is! I will most likely write you all back when I'm in the field so you'll get the right return address to LA. OMG I AM GOING TO LA NEXT WEEK! So weird.
Monday was the saddest day at the MTC. It was the last day my district and I got to be all together. We all cried SO MUCH haha it was so sad. Even the Elders were crying....ALL of them! I was such a cry baby that day but it's hard when you've been with people for 9 weeks and then it's time to say goodbye. I know they are doing wonderful out in their missions! I have been praying for them all every night and I hope they feel good about where they are. Oh...I just miss them! However, Elder Petersen had a medical problem and has to get surgery :( so he is here for another 3 weeks! I feel soooo bad! But, it's nice to have him here and to at least see him during meal times. Tuesday I got to be a solo sister which meant I had no companion and I had to have two Elders follow me everywhere haha it was so fun! It was mostly Elder Petersen and his new companion so it was fun to be with him and to talk about how we think our district is doing out in the field. Oh...and Elder L. Tom Perry came to the Tuesday night devotional. NBD. I was hoping that an apostle would come but I figured it would be a long shot but nope, another one came! That makes six now! Elder Petersen and I feel so spoiled that we've had the chance to see HALF of the twelve apostles of GOD give talks to us. And it's fun because in General Conference they have to be all serious but in these talks, they goof around and make jokes and we learn that they too are real people. So it's pretty special.
VC training is SO MUCH FUN! Wednesday morning we started off by going to the Salt Lake City VC and I had the coolest experience there! Our sister missionaries who were suppose to give us a tour were running late so we sat on a bench and just chilled for a bit...until I hear this voice right next to me saying, "Habla espanol?" WHAT! Yeah, I probably gave her the most terrified face and said, "uh....poco?" hahahahaha I wish I could re-do that moment. She then proceeds and tells me how she wants to be taught but doesn't speak or know any English. I then look at my teacher and tell her how we HAVE to take her to the front desk and get her some spanish sister missionaries to teach her!! We walk her over and I learn that her name is Maria and she is from Colombia and she's not a member! It was so cool! I understood about 80% what she said and I tried my best to reply back to her perfectly. She only corrected me once and that was at the I either did a really good job in talking to her or she was too nice to correct my horrible spanish :) Either way, it was so cool! It was weird to actually leave the MTC and see the "real world" haha. We drove by IHOP and I thought of Richie because that's the last meal I had before entering the MTC. We get to go by Saturday (tomorrow! woah...this week is flying by) and teach with a salt lake city visiting center sister for the evening! So pumped! Scared....but stoked! My teacher Hermano Stoddard is being super helpful and coming in during my personal time to do language study. I feel like my Spanish is being destroyed because no one speaks Spanish in my VC training class and everything is in English. Ugh. But it's okay! I know that as long as I try to be obedient that my Spanish will comeback! :) Right? Right.
My new companion is Sister Kim. She is from Korea (no, she does not look like me) and is learning how to speak English! It's so entertaining to hear her talk haha I love it! Words that I've had to explain to her are: barefoot, acne, and freckles. We have another sister in our class learning spanish from the Phillipeans (sp? haha my bad) and she is so funny as well! One of the American sisterswas asking how tall she was and she said...4'9? So, the American sistersaid, "In America, if you are under 5 foot you have to have..." and then the Philippean (i'm trying to spell it but I give up) sister said as she cut her off, "HEELS!?" haha it was hilarious! I guess you had to be there if you didn't laugh... :)
Well, I need to get off but I am so excited for LA next week! I am excited to meet my trainer and to learn from her. I am super excited to meet my Mission President to hopefully make a good first impression with him. I know this work is true. I know the importance of loving people for who they are because that is what the Savior would of done. We need to not worry about if they love us in return, we still need to love them. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of our actions and the desires of our hearts. I have been needing so much strength this week and as I have been striving to practice obedience with exactness, I honestly can recognize the extra strength I've had this week. I know that my Reedemer lives and I can't wait to share that message to the people of LA. I love you all! Have a wonderful week and do a random act of kindness for someone this week! :) I love my mission!
Con amor,
Hermana Baeza

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