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Seamos Honestos, Leaves to LA 5/24?

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iHola mi familia y amigos!
My teacher told me earlier this week that to say "lets be honest" is "seamos honestos" (or, more like the closest way of saying it) sooooo I've been saying it 24/7 because, seamos honestos, I say that phrase allllll the time ;) Thank you for the letters this week!: Richie, Mommy, Daddy, Veronica (VERN! Literally, I was thinking about you the day I got your letter wondering if you were back from spain and then I got your letter! Loved it.) Abby (I'm glad you got the package! I think you can put it into any camera and it should work! But if not, it's okay!! You're the best!), Ryan, Paul, Madz (SOS! tell spence i got his package but ask him if he got mine...and tell him that i sent it to the address he put on my package which was from santa rosa, not davis), and Anthony. I got one more full week here in the MTC and then I am OUT of here and on to LA! WOO!!! So pumped. STOKED! So, everyone I write letters too, wait until I send out my LA address and then you can write back just so it doesn't get here to the MTC and then I don't get it. But I'm still here til MAY 23rd so keep them coming, I love hearing how everyone is doing! And Josh Larson, I hope you are feeling better bud! I don't know the full story...but know that you have been in my prayers every night. I love you!
RICHIE IS GOING ON A MISSION! OH MY GOSH! BAHHHHHHHHHH!!! My baby bro is going to serve the Lord in ORLANDO, FLORIDA! Literally, I squeeled and screamed when I opened the dear elder and found out the news. SO EXCITING! I like how we are both serving close to some sort of Disney themepark ;) obvi. So, did you just all of a sudden put on FB that you got your call? Was everyone shocked? Did you even tell anyone you turned in your papers? Oh my gosh I still talk about it with everyone here. One of your old roommates whose bro went into the MTC the same as me saw me on Tuesday and was like, "HEY! I heard your bro got his call!"'re kind of famous even here at the MTC right now ;) I am so happy for you and I KNOW that is where you are suppose to serve! Like, literally, it just feels so right for you and I hope you feel the exact same. I'm so proud of you. You are going to do amazing. I LOVE YOU!
Yesterady we had in-field orientation and it was great! It was extremely long since it goes from 8:30am-9:30pm and it's just a bunch of workshops but I did get some good stuff out of it. It definitely pumped me up more for the field and for the work. It was hard because 99% of the people in there were leaving either Monday or Tuesday of next week but I found some sister missionaries who are also doing Visiting Center training next week so we got to know each other yesterday. All of the VC sisters I have met here are sooooooo cute! They are super spunky and their clothes are adorable. I love it! I can't wait to hang out with all of them for a week next week and learn how to be a VC sister! :)
We got a new district this week and they are great! There were suppose to be 10 elders in the new district but one never showed up. SO SAD! I hope he is feeling comforted by the Lord and is doing okay. We get ANOTHER new district next week! And we finally get sisters! 4! I get to meet them since they'll be moving into my room but my other sisters won't cause they leave Tuesday. Next week is going to be hectic because of the VC training and since I have to keep my calling as Coordinating sister with new sisters coming into our branch next week, that means I have to attend the Wednesday and Thursday night meetings and it's going to take away from my VC training classes :( But, I need to remember what my branch president promised me which was that I will be MORE blessed because of the service I give to the sisters then I would if I didn't even have the calling. I'm going to have to be repeating that in my mind over and over again next week cause haha I know I'm going to be stressed out!
It's sad to think that I only have a few more days with my district. They have really become family to me! We've cried together and have argued together haha and we just love each other so much! Our teachers come in together today and share mission stories and we get to have a Q & A with them on what to expect in the mission field. I am seriously always pleased to have the best teachers in my life; whether it be my school year teachers, my college professors, my church teachers, anything! I have ALWAYS had the best of the best and Hermano Stoddard and Hermana Dewey are THE BEST! I will miss them so much. This monday will be incredibly sad when my district all says goodbye to each other. I get to be a solo sister for one day though which, is kind of cool! Since my training doesn't start til Wednesday, I join another branch where they have sisters and chill with them for the day pretty much and yeah haha it'll be great.
ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON CAME TO THE TUESDAY DEVOTIONAL! That makes him the 5th apostle we have seen since being here. Crazy! His talk was so good. It's funny though, he had us do a lot of the talking and at first it really confused me. I kept thinking to myself, "'re an apostle of the LORD....why aren't YOU doing all the talking!?" We read a bunch of scriptures and had people answer questions in the microphone and at the end he told us that our calling is VERY similar to his: to bring others unto christ and to testify of him every day. What I got from it at the end was that he wanted us to feel just as important to him because we are! We are up there with the seventy, the apostles, and the prophet because well, the men hold the title of 'elder' and we are set apart as 'sisters'. He wanted us to know that our role is just as significant as theirs. It was really cool!
Okay, I have to get off but I love you all sooooo much! I am so grateful to be here. I know that I am suppose to be here. Every day I am grateful for the oportunity to be here. I have always dreamed and wanted to serve a mission and I am SO grateful that for once, Heavenly Father and I had the same thing in mind for once :) I know that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and that you are ALL children of God. He wants us each to come back to him sooooo badly but that is only through baptism. When Christ and the apostles died, the priesthood authority was GONE from the earth. Now, it is back! The church was restored through a prophet, a fourteen year old boy, named Joseph Smith. He restored the true church on the earth today NOT ON HIS OWN but with the direction of Christ and God. This is not the Church of Joseph Smith of Latter-day Saints, it is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. I am grateful that I am a member. I encourage all to go visit and to share it with your friends. Heck, go make a profile and then share that with your friends. Don't be afraid to open your mouth to share what you know is true. I wish I could of been more bold before my mission and opened my mouth to more people. I promise that if you pray for the spirit to be with you when you do it, you will be bold and strong! I love you all! Have a wonderful week and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my most favoritest mommy and to all of my "other" moms :) You are all so amazing and you all better be spoiled with love this weekend!
Hermana Baeza
" Fulfilling your purpose isn't measured by the people you meet saying 'yes' or 'no'"
"Anyone that gives you their time of day deserves a baptismal invitation"
"If we get more specific with God, he'll get more specific with us" - Elder Gilray in ym district
"Don't worry about others judging you. Always remember taht when we are judged after this life, we WILL be judged correctly."
"It takes faith to repent, but you also fain faith through repentance" - Elder Christofferson
"When you are helping people repent, you are helping them know that there is a Savior" - Elder Christofferson

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