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1/21/2013 Friendly Reminder, Sister Baeza Birthday 2/5/2013!!

Hello Dear Friends,
We are excited to be putting together a Birthday package for Sister Baeza this week :D She is having her 22nd Birthday on 2/5 and by our calculations, If you like to send her a little something, cards, letters, or email, best time to do it is this week or have it in the mail no later than January 28th. They deliver packages/letters on Thursdays, this way she can open it on her P Day 2/4/13 before her Birthday on the 5th. Thank you kindly as always! Love, Baeza Family

Hey family and friends!
My mind is a little...scattered right now because of some emails I received haha but I'll try to make this a good email with the time I have left (31ish minutes?) Oh yeah! Remember, I can't write emails back to people so...try to hand-write me letters instead :) OR! Just type it out and send it. Thank you! This P-day was so great and relaxing. Thank you for the letters I received: Elder Petersen, Elder Compton (FINALLY!!!), Jessica (okay, loved the wedding pics on your christmas card! you are a babe!) and mommy! Today we did our normal cleaning routine and then we went out to lunch at Sister Smith's salad bar restaurant where missionaries eat for freeeeeeeeee :) so yummy! As we were leaving, this guy working at a booth tried to be all "rico suave" by getting me to take one of these free samples to give your hair volume or whatever and so I told him, "hey, i'll trade ya!" and gave him a pass along card for the free hair shampoo sample :) hopefully he comes to the VC one day! OH! So, this weather has been KILLING me this week! It's been absolutely beautiful and reminds me of home :( I know about all of you but certain weather temperatures give me instant flash backs. Like, there's a certain crispy morning weather that always makes me think of waiting in line at Disneyland waiting for the park to open. This week I've just been reminded of warm, summer nights where I'm just cruzin in my car with the windows rolled down listening to country music...SO DISTRACTING! I am loving the weather but I hope it gets cold again haha I need to re-focus.

I feel really rushed on time so I'm just going to make a list of stories:
1. One night we were driving to visit someone (I'm blanking on who) and I recognized the area we were in and I remembered that Suzie lived on the street we were driving on so I decided that we should go visit her. I get to a four way stop sign (don't worry, I didn't get any ticket) and it was clearly my turn to go. It was dark and I was trying to find a parking spot so when I turned left, I went a little slow to see if the sidewalk had red paint or not and the guy who went after me got mad and honked at me! Mind you, I was having a great night, I wasn't already mad while I was driving or anything like that. So, the dude honks at me and so I just started driving a little faster. I get to another stop sign and I can tell that he is trying to drive around me. So, what do I do? When I start driving and I see him driving next to me, I start speeding up and then we are BOTH driving down the street together. Sister Set freaks out and says, "Hey! You're a missionary!" I then beat the guy and then eventually turned right and he turned left. I felt so stupid after that because she was right, I'm a missionary! I shouldn't be getting angry like that but...I don't know what got into me haha I just got so mad at him. So eventually we get to Suzie's house and she is telling us how her favorite book in the Book of Mormon was Ether and I immediately went to Ether12:17, " And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." I kind of laughed and told her the incident that happened. In that moment I realized what my weakness was - I got angry for no reason and tried to out beat someone. I humbled myself by praying to God before we left the car to forgive me for that incident. That weakness had then turned into a strength as I shared it to her because I was then testifying of how powerful that verse was. We all have weaknesses but if we turn them to the Lord, and humble ourselves, and I think also learn from them, they will become strengths and we will then in turn gain experience so that we can share it to others.
2. Sister Set likes to punch me in the arm (mind you she's like half my height so she's not strong) or grab my ear and, well, do weird things like that when she gets awkward haha it's soooooo cute! She waves her arms a lot when she's talking as well when she feels awkward. We were at a less actives home and haha she was trying to tell a story but then felt super awkward and she was holding her hymnbook in her hand. naturally, she waved her arm and totally nailed the cat in the stomach and at first, didn't react to it but then it clicked what she had just done and she just freaked out and we were all laughing. I guess you had to be there...but if you knew it, it was just hilarious!
3. I got to talk to a girl at the VC during the week and just have a one on one conversation with her. Sister Set was there at the beginning but then left for some reason. We were talking about a mini mission she had done and then started talking about serving a mission. I told her my experience of getting my mission call and how my mission has changed my life and it was just neat because I was again reminded of the VC sisters who would always sit and listen to me and give me advice and I had one of those "woah, I'm really a missionary right now!" moments and, it's been a while since i've had one of those. I sometimes forget that people really do look at me more then a normal person. Because of the badge that I wear every single day, I am literally recognized as a servant of the Lord and what I say really does matter to these people! I hope she enjoyed the conversation because I sure did.
4. So we had dinner at this less actives house and she apparently knew Elvis and even has pictures of them together! We shared D&C88:63 to her which reads, "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." She said that Elvis would read that scripture to her and how he would arrange it where it would go ask, seek, and then knock and then he would circle the first letter of each other and it would spell out "ASK". Cool huh?

This is the last week of the transfer and I am stoked! We work every night but...two nights maybe :( which means we won't have any time in our area BUT, miracles will happen!! I love this work! it has changed my life forever and it just makes me so happy. I've had some really hard moments on my mission but my mission truly has made me a happy person. Life couldn't be better. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all sooo much! I invite you to find ways to bring someone to church this Sunday! Whether it be a neighbor, someone you work with, or someone you go to school with. Even if they say no, at least try to invite them. Remember, they are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it :) I love you! The church is true!!! <--- I literally yelled that out the window today because the weather was beautiful and well...because today is also P-day ;)

Hermana Olivia Baeza
1591 E Temple Way
Los Angeles, Ca 90024

p.s. last week we went to the hollywood sign!!

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