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Close Fwd: Sister Baeza 1/29/2013 You mean the one that looks like President Boyd K. Packer?

Hey family!!!
Okay, you may notice that my pday is today and not yesterday like normal. SO, President Baker has changed the transfer process which is sweet because it makes me more...suspenseful! If we are going to be training for the first time, we get a call a week before transfer and then the following day go to training to learn how to be a trainer, a new District Leader, or a new Zone Leader. Then, we find out whose going where Monday night (last night) and then Tuesday becomes our Pday during transfer week so we can pack and clean and what not. Then, we have transfers on Wednesday! I did not receive a phone call and I'm actually staying ANOTHER transfer in Westwood and staying with Sister Set. This is my 5th transfer in Westwood which means I will spend 1/3 of my mission in this area! However, we lose our YSA ward which makes me SOOO sad! Another Sister is opening up a new area and training and is full-field this transfer but she takes our YSA ward and she also takes her UCLA YSA ward. So jealous! But it's okay...I'll still see the members since we all meet in the same building. I just loved my LA YSA ward... :) Oh, and THE NINERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!? Are you SERIOUS!? I had no idea until just now. When I read daddy's email, I literally yelled "THE NINERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!" and all the sisters starred at me not knowing what the heck I was talking about haha. Oh man. They better win to make up for that embarrassing fumble from last year that destroyed their chance of going. It's okay daddy, I'll be there next year to watch it with you! Well, I'll be in school but we'll get it figured out one way or another :)

Thank you for the letters I got this week!: Abby and Elder Baeza! I especially loved Elder Baeza's letter..."YOU ARE FAT"... :) literally that is all that was said in it hahahahaha! But, it made me smile and so happy when I saw that! I know, strange,'s the thing. When my brothers call me fat....deep down it means that they miss me. It's their strange way of telling me that they love me haha. MOM! So...when does BYU register for classes. This is not fun to write about but...if it's soon...can you please send me a list of classes I can take so I can high-light the ones I want? More like the classes that I NEED to take :) Because...I hear BYU does it a lot sooner then BYUI so...I don't want to get the super late classes or super early classes. But yes, just send it to me asap so I can high light and pray about the ones I should take when I start back up. Oh and haha can you stalk my friend Kaylee Crossley on FB and maybe find a way to get in contact with her family? We want to be roommates at BYU but...I only hear from her about once a transfer and I want her to just pick somewhere to live because I don't know where to live. So yes, I am actually giving you permission to stalk my friend on FB...make me proud ;)

Sister Set was hilarious this week. Oh gosh. Okay, this is one of the things that she said this week...okay, maybe two because they are just so funny.
Me: You look like Yoda (okay, let me explain. She had her sweatshirt on her head which made her look like Yoda...)
Set: Whose that?
Me: Have you ever seen Star Wars?
Set: *pause/puzzled look* mean the one that looks like President Boyd K. Packer!?
HAHAHA! Oh man. That one killed me and I laughed alllll the way home! Apparently Elder Grover told her he looks like another President in the church but now she won't tell me haha

another conversation with another sister she had
Set: Yeah, Hindu people worship so many different animals, like elephants....mice....
Barney: What!? Really???
Set: Do you not watch animal planet?????

So maybe they aren't as funny as I thought they were going to be...but with her cute little accent, she just makes everything so funny. She loves it when we laugh and sees us happy! She had a really hard week a few weeks ago but now it's getting better. Now that we are going to be together again...I hope she grows a love for the VC! It'll only be 5 weeks so...that may be a blessing in disguise haha! She seriously is so great. She's been my easiest companion so really, I have no reason to ever complain with her!

I may of had another repentant moment during the week. One of my biggest pet peeves in the VC is when you are talking to a visitor and then other sisters come up and LITERALLY just take your tour. You may remember me talking about a situation similar to this a few transfers ago happened again. We were taking a tour for this Recent Convert and his friend in the ward. It was such an amazing tour and the spirit was just working through the recent convert and it was so neat to see him just glowing and just his love for the gospel. We wanted to take him to the I'm A Mormon room to watch some of the videos but then two others sisters were about to use it. They said we could join so...we joined! Well, we're sitting in the room and we're just talking to each other when eventually, their visitor had to leave. Before she left, one of the other sisters passed out referral cards and because she passed them out...our visitors just gave it to them. Sister Set and I were just like, "whaaaat??? didn't even give them a tour and you're just going to take them and not give them to us?" The girl left and you would think they would of followed her but they stayed in the room....awkward. They then start to talk to our visitors and asking questions that we had already gone through and finally we were able to butt in and put on the video about temples for them because the recent convert went to do baptisms for the first time that night! The video ended and the others sisters were STILL in the room! Granted they were on the other side of the room but...they could of still gotten up and left lol. I was looking at the situation and felt like if Elder Shakespear (our VC director) walked by and saw four sisters in a room...he would be disappointed because you don't need four sisters to give a tour. So then before we played another clip about temples to our visitors, I told Sister Set we were going to shake their hands and say bye and then play the video and then leave. She was not happy haha but it was what needed to be done! Like, there doesn't need to be four of us in there! When we walked out I put my arm around Sister Set and she was so bummed that we had to walk out. I told her that I didn't want to either but, once of us had to do it and they clearly weren't moving. I was trying to act like it wasn't a big deal but...I was ticked. I couldn't believe they just took them away from us, especially since we were having such an amazing time with them. I was literally mad about it the rest of the night and finally, I took Sister Set to another room with me and just cried. It's just my biggest pet peeve here at the VC when other sisters do that! I asked Sister Set if I could say a prayer and if she'd stay with me. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to allow those sisters to get to know George and Jeff and to continue having a spiritual experience with them. I asked him to allow George and Jeff to have the opportunity to build trust with these sisters as they explain to them the friends that they want them to call. I then asked Heavenly Father for forgiveness and I just lost it. However, when I finished the prayer I felt so much better! I really did! I wasn't mad at those sisters anymore and I felt relief. It was a hard moment for me to do that in front of Sister Set but, I needed her there. I needed to vent to someone and I needed her there to give me a hug the second I ended that prayer.

It's weird how we are literally outside of the world as missionaries. A member last night told us about how a spaceship was brought into LA a few months ago and it was literally a historical moment and how streets were closed and it was all on the news and haha I had no idea what she was talking about! Her husband then told us about this very sad incident in Brazil where over 250 people ages 16-21 ish had died from a burning building. I guess the bouncers wouldn't let them out if they didn't have the pay stub but they were trying to leave because there was a fire. They then blocked the door so that no one could come out and when they realized what was going on, they opened the door and people were running out. But about 250 died in one single day in one single area. When the husband was telling us heart sunk. I literally have no idea what's going on in the world and just now, I have been able to realize how much of a blessing that is. All I am asked to do for 18 months is to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I get to, in a way be protected from all the evil and sad events that are occurring every day around the world. It's going to be weird when I go back and I have to hear of all of these stories daily from the news, FB, etc. On Sunday in gospel principles the topic was about missionary work. The teacher asked us what we did to prepare to go on our mission. Sister Set told me to answer lol so I talked about how I went to the temple every single week before I went to the MTC. I said how I went so that I could sit in the Celestial room and think about the people I'm going to teach. My purpose is to not only baptize them, but to get them to the temple! Stephen went and did baptisms for the first time last week :) The temple is literally the only place where we can escape from the world...I want to invite each of you to make a goal to go at least ONCE in February! Whether to do baptism, a session, anything! Please go. I love you all so much! The church is true! I am grateful to be a missionary :)

Hermana Baeza

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