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Hermana Baeza 5/6/2013 ( dog poop strikes again!)

hiiiiiii :)
okay, i feel like so much happened this week but i got like...20ish minutes so...here we go! first off, thank you Grant and Hermana Marroquin for my letters this week! Hermana Marroquin was my MTC companion and we've been writing to each other our whole missions! it's been a blast to be able to hear of her progress and to still have a friendship with her. haha i miss that sister so much! so, "dog poop strikes again!"...let me explain. so this morning we deciede to make an appt for a new investigator named Erika. we went and lol she was not home. we had like, 40ish minutes til p-day started so we figured we would just go back to our car, drive to the grocery store (because it was the most convenient) and then just study there. well, we get to the grocery car and the car just smells straight up nasty. i start looking at my shoes to see if i had stepped in anything and then, the dramatic gasp comes in. Sister Mellor stepped in dog poop AGAIN! haha! she did it during our first week together and she has done it again. even with the same pair of shoes! she says it's a sign that she needs new shoes ;) oh yeah, speaking of shoes, dad, i've been using the us bank card this transfer...just a heads up lol. all are things that i need though so...yeah. anywho, back to the story! we get out of the car and i find puddles to find for her (it was sooo funny) and then we get a call from the other district leader (DL) in our zone. he wanted to come by our appt to get our extra bike rack but we felt awkward that we were already out before p-day technically started so we agreed to meet at the church. we get there and haha he shows up with our DL and then the zone leaders roll into the parking lot as well..all because we are somehow connected in the same issue of figuring out the bike rack situation for Elder Long. turns out that he didn't need it because he would be seeing the elder that he wants to sell it to this thursday at zone conference...so there we were. all of the leadership in our zone, chillin in the church parking lot before it was 10am. haha we got a good kick out of it.
we had Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) on tuesday and it was great! it was fun to be one of the first sisters to be a part of it. president baker had us sitting front and center so it was a bit intimidating. i remembered sister baker telling us sisters once before that we need to be active in these meetings and really participate in them so i always made sure to make some comments throughout the meeting. oh yeah and guess whose training twice for a total of 2 hours at zone conference this week?...we are. oh and guess who has to do 3 exchanges AGAIN this week?...we do :) i thought last week was going to be crazy but somehow we survived it and this week is going to be even more crazy! however, we just keep reminding ourselves that calling home on mothers day is our reward and then that next day for p-day is BEACH P-DAY! woohooo!! i'm so going to get my farmers tan on. so, i have lots of things to look forward to if we just focus and work extremely hard this week. the exchanges i went on were great last week. we did 3 and the sisters are just the best! they teach me so much and i love being able to help them in their missionary efforts. i was able to see Sister Perry who i did exchanges with two weeks ago and she followed up with me on someone that we had found street contacting. when he found him, he promised us he would be at church that sunday. sister perry didnt believe him but i had a really, really good feeling about him and kept promising her that he would be there. well, turns out he went to church, IN CHURCH CLOTHES let me mind you and they were able to set a baptismal date with him the next day after a lesson! for may 26th!!! their area is really slow because it's a new area and they had no one to teach but now, they have a baptismal date whose legit! she was SO excited to tell me all about it when i saw her during one of my exchanges. I love being able to help my sisters!
last week was...worse then the week before. if i'm being completely honest. there was one night that i cried so much haha and sister mellor, she's such a champ and just talked to me for a while. but, the best thing about being a sister trainging leader is that i have to not think about me. with every exchange i went on last week, either the night before or literally just moments before being with them i was just not in a good mood. but, the second the exchanges would begin, i just had to forget about me and not think about myself. I needed to be strong for them because they turn to me for help. it's been a blessing this transfer to not only have this trial but to be able to be put in a situation where i just have to suck it up and be strong. i'm doing better though - seriously. if anything, i need to improve my faith and relationship with God and Jesus Christ. I can't do this on my own and this transfer i'm being reminded of that. I need to put my trust in them, not in myself. I read a quote by Elder Bushe a few days ago that says, "pause to ponder the suffering Christ felt at the Garden of Gethsemane. in the awareness of the depth of gratitude for Him, you appreciate every opportunity to show your love for Him, by diligently serving in His church." i know that Jesus Christ knows exactly how i feel because He's gone through it. my "trial" is so insignificant to what our Savior went through. yet, He still wants to help me, He still wants to give me comfort and that's all because He loves me. I truly am grateful for this opportunity to serve him as a sister training leader and as a missionary in His church. yeah, it's been hard and sadly it makes me think of home but haha i'm so happy right now! i know that it is only making me stronger and it's only molding me into the person the God needs me to be. this transfer might just be my favorite transfer because of the things i've been able to learn. gosh, i am just so, so grateful for my mission.
we had an amazing week this week. our numbers were amazing and it just strengthens my testimony that the lord blesses us when we are serving his children. whenever we are stressed, i always say, "just think of ALL the blessings we are going to receive because of this calling!" and it's so true! He blesses us sooo much. daddy, i heard that you gave out your first book of mormon! THAT'S SO COOL! haha mom told me about it and it made me laugh on the way you approached it to the guy :) email me about it so i can hear it coming from you as well! i hope you all have a wonderful week! sorry this email was kind of "meh" but, next week probably wont be great either since it's beach p-day and you get like nothing done apparently. but i am so excited to call home on sunday! please help me keep it within 40 minutes :) i dont know when i'll call...but...just be home :) it's the sabbath so you shouldn't be out anyways... :) oh and i'll try to do it either before 5 or after 5 so that richie gets his full time with you. okay, i love you all so much! give a book of mormon away to someone this week!
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1. okay, so p-day last week we were playing kick ball and i ran to 1st base but...for some reason...i just couldn't stop running...and then i like totally biffed it on the ground hardcore haha! no one laughed which made it even more embarrassing...but i was still in so it was no big deal :)

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