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May 28th, 2013 "Aren't you the sisters who like, have the priesthood now or something?"

OH MY GOSH! so much happened this week :)
First off, we have transfers tomorrow and I...am...STAYING! :) yayyy!!!! I literally have no idea what's going to happen to me in my last transfer. My mom (Sister Cole) goes home this transfer (starting tomorrow) and she was out in the field but then got called back to the VC for her last transfer. Also, the longest a VC has stayed out in the field is 4 straight transfers...and I'm technically starting my 4th transfer in the field tomorrow since I did one transfer "off-site" back during the holidays. So, haha, I know it's 6 weeks away but it's going to be so exciting to figure out what will eventually happen! There were sooo many changes this transfer, two VC sisters who are called English have been called to serve in ASL!! Sign Language! They took it in high school and President knew that they were good so by being inspired of the Lord, he called them to serve in ASL out in the field! HA! So crazy. Also, a sister that we did exchanges with is ONLY about to start her second transfer (so technically has 6 mroe weeks of being trained) but has been called to white wash (to open up a new area) a SPANISH area (when she started her mission in English), be in a bike area, TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY and she is only 19 years old :) Ahhh I love all  of these changes! I know without a doubt that President Baker is inspired by God when he makes transfer assignments. I know it because he has answered my prayers through the changes that have happened in my life through transfers. This is his last month that he will be serving as a mission president -- okay, time out. some dude is telling all of us to find a job haha because there are no more computers and he knows we are missionaries and he's mad that he doesn't have a computer...gotta love the fact that we are all children of God and that technically, he's my brother! i love people in LA -- which is so sad because I don't want him to leave! But, I hear the new mission president is awesome so I'm excited for the little time that I'll get to serve with him. Oh yeah, we also have 10 EXCHANGES to do this transfer!!! That's 2 more then last transfer which is...a bit stressful lol but we'll receive so many blessings, I just know it! Our area is also being split and a new set of sisters will be coming into our ward! I'm stoked. Lots of changes...love it!
So, last year during a zone conference President Baker invited us to "flood LA with the Book of Mormon" going off of a talk by some general authority that was given a few years back. Well, President Baker has just informed us that we need to STOP passing out Books of Mormon as a mission! Apparently, each mission is alloted a certain amount of Books of Mormon every year (who would of thought?) and we are only in May and we are WAY pass our half way mark! It makes sense because our zone, even though it's the tiniest in the mission, handed out at LEAST 500 pluss Books of Mormon this transfer. We were able to hand out about 120 and I know that one of the Elder companionships has to of done that, if not more. Now, we are only given 14 Books of Mormon (7 per missionary...lol) each transfer and that's IT! Haha oh man, love it!
Sister Mellor and I had a little fun experience the other day. We were on the freeway and she told me to look for the 223rd exit. Well...I'm driving forever and I can NEVER find it! She was on the phone with one of our recent converts and I was trying to ask her if we were too far but she was too busy. So, I just kept driving haha. But then I noticed these oil plants which I remember seeing when we went to Harbor City to watch a baptism and I knew that we were getting close to leaving our mission boundaries! Welp, we ended up in Long Beach haha so we definitely were out of our mission boundaries. I'm pretty sure we were suppose to tell President...actually, I know we were. But, we were too embarrassed because we had just come from an interview with him haha...
Nicole was baptized on Sunday and it was so great! She looked so happy and we were able to get 5 non-members there. We were hoping for more but a lot couldn't come. She is seriously going to be that pathway to getting her family to temple soon! Her mom isn't married to her boyfriend and that is our goal this tranfer: married and baptized. It's going to happen, I have the faith that it will! We had 5 investigators at church this Sunday which was great for us because that is the hardest thing for us to do, get our people to church! Elva came which was amazing because she works til 7am on Sunday's and is always too tired. But, she didn't have work so she was able to come :) She was answering ALL the questions in gospel principles haha it was the best! It's the best feeling in the world when your investigators understand what you are teaching them. We also had Carmen come, who was a referral from the English elders. We were hesitant about her because she was really quite but when we went back that night for a lesson, she told us how she felt peace and so calm at church. Her children also went and she said that after church, they didn't fight or anything like they normally do on a daily basis. It's because they too felt the spirit and they were able to bring it home with them! The kids LOVED church which just makes everything awesome. We have high hopes that she'll be baptized this transfer, she is so prepared! 
There was a story given in church that really touched me. It was Hermano Mataalii giving the talk and sharing a story from his mission. He knew an Elder that they called "Elder Perfect" because well, he was perfect! He picked up the language amazingly fast (spanish) and was just an outstanding missionary. He had a companion named Elder Larson who, struggled really hard with Spanish. All he knew how to do was share his testimony. They were tracting one day and Elder Perfect was the only talking the whole time. Every single house they knocked, the people would say something and then slam the door on their faces. Elder Larson then asks if he can try. Elder Perfect hesitates for a bit and decides that he should have the practice since all he knew what to do was share his testimony. Elder Larson knocks on the door and someone opened. All he said was, "Yo se que Dios vive. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Yo se que Dios vive." The person at the door stares at them and then invites them in. The next house they go to, the same thing happens " Yo se que Dios vive. Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Yo se que Dios vive." Every single house they knocked on that street allowed them in. I'm so grateful that I have another transfer in Spanish because it took me 4-5 weeks to remember how powerful a testimony is. Sure, I don't know how to have a legit conversation with people still and my understanding of what they say is a million times better then what I can say but, my testimony is greater then anything I could ever try to say! I really needed to hear that story. Sunday was the first time where I understood about 80% of what was going on and that story about Elder Larson and Elder Perfect, I was able to understand completely.
This week we've been reminded how sad and wicked the world is. I don't want to go back to it. But, my mission has been able to help me to set goals and make plans on what I can do to continue to live a life where I don't have to be a part of the world. We talked to a referral named Brandon who, told us that he does a lot of bad things in his life and that he has so much to repent of every day. He asked us what things we did that day that we need to repent of. The only thing that came to our minds was that 1. we wasted time here and there, 2. our thoughts were also so focused on the work, 3. we didn't talk to everyone that we saw on the street that day? We literally couldn't come up with anything! He just laughed at us and told us how the way we live our lives is so good and something that's impossible for him. As missionaries, we truly are set apart from the world. Sure, the things that we were able to come up with to tell Brandon weren't any serious sins but as a set apart representative of the Lord, we could always be doing better. We can't live perfect lives, never. But, we can always strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Brandon wasn't interested in learning about the church but I know that he can repent. I know that through the Atonement he can literally feel free. I can feel his sadness by the way he talked to us. He's missing the light in his life, he knows where to find it, but with agency, just isn't accepting it. If only the world knew and accepted our message. Everyone will one day, but why wait? No money can buy the happiness that we have through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Oh yeah, maymer and faja, do I have housing yet lol? Just keep talking with Kaylee's mom! Also, Sister Vinent from the mission office called me yesterday about a form that you were suppose to of turned in regarding my flight information? Can you please send that in the mail by tomorrow? The mission office number is 3104742593 in case you didn't get the sheet. It just talks about if you're going to get me (don't) or if I'll fly home (yes) and put Oakland too! Please take care of it because lol I don't want another phone call about my flight...I'm trying hard not to think about any of that. Oh yeah, I may be using the US bank card more, only to buy more food for our appt so we actually have food to feed the sisters that stay at our apartment during exchanges :) thank you and love you lots! :)
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Guess what, only 7 months til Christmas! Woo!! And I hit my 5 year mark of being a member this Saturday! Yeah! The church is true. I love it so much. Please read through the general conference talks, I'm doing that right now during my personal studies and it's so important that we review them. Love you!!! And yes, I got ALL of this in in a total of 56minutes :)
Hermana Baeza
1. long beach....haha :)
2. nicole before her baptism!
3. her cute CTR cake :)

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